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Latest Olympics News

Notes for Wolf Wigo (and others)

Watching the Serbia-Croatia game it dawned on me that water polo needs its own John Madden. Wolf, you can be that guy, 90 pounds lighter and unafraid of jet air

Croatia v. Serbia

What to make of the Serbian meltdown versus Croatia? They appear to be a team that needs everything to be going their way in order for their immense talent to

USA v. Italy

Apparently the US men are capable of putting a sub-par performance behind themselves in a big way. Second-half defensive breakdowns aside, the victory placed the US back in the group

USA v. China

Tony Azevdeo was quoted as saying that the Chinese team has improved by quite a bit since a match a few years ago. The Americans’ performance only partially confirmed that.

The Start

NBC is is rebroadcasting the USA – Italy game as I type, which reminds me of just why I started this blog: because I couldn’t find another suitable forum to