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USA vs. Croatia Post-mortem

It was demoralizing nearly from the start and by the time the Croatians had scored five goals without answer there were no more references to historic wins over Hungary and

USA v. Hungary

An improbable, inspirational, and nearly magical tournament is over. The US was overmatched and overwhelmed despite remaining within four goals of the winner of three consecutive Olympic gold medals. Karma,

Serbia v. Montenegro

Serbia wins the bronze over Montenegro, 6-4. I didn’t follow the game completely, only learning late that Sefik and Sapic weren’t going to play. I did catch a glance at
USA v. Serbia

USA v. Serbia

[Terry Schroeder] recalled how in 1988 Russia “threw” a match to face the United States in the semifinals, rather than Yugoslavia. The ploy motivated the Americans to knock out Russia.

USA v. Germany

A historic win for the Yanks, not so much for the quality of the win over Germany (a team with glaring weaknesses, not including its superb goalkeeping) but for the