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Serbia v. Montenegro

Serbia wins the bronze over Montenegro, 6-4. I didn’t follow the game completely, only learning late that Sefik and Sapic weren’t going to play. I did catch a glance at
USA v. Serbia

USA v. Serbia

[Terry Schroeder] recalled how in 1988 Russia “threw” a match to face the United States in the semifinals, rather than Yugoslavia. The ploy motivated the Americans to knock out Russia.

USA v. Germany

A historic win for the Yanks, not so much for the quality of the win over Germany (a team with glaring weaknesses, not including its superb goalkeeping) but for the

USA v. Croatia

A remarkable turnaround from the last performance against Serbia. The US beats Croatia 7-5 based on yet more excellent defense and goaltending. Croatia did not shoot particularly well when they

USA v. Serbia

Back to earth for the Yanks.A truly brutal shooting performance (yes, encouraged by a very stingy defense and great goalkeeping) doesn’t bode well for the Croatian game. The good news

Hungary v. Greece

What happened to Greece?Their defense is just awful, and the Hungarians could have won that game short-handed. But the highlight of that game was one of the most amazing sucker-saves

Notes for Wolf Wigo (and others)

Watching the Serbia-Croatia game it dawned on me that water polo needs its own John Madden. Wolf, you can be that guy, 90 pounds lighter and unafraid of jet air

Croatia v. Serbia

What to make of the Serbian meltdown versus Croatia? They appear to be a team that needs everything to be going their way in order for their immense talent to

USA v. Italy

Apparently the US men are capable of putting a sub-par performance behind themselves in a big way. Second-half defensive breakdowns aside, the victory placed the US back in the group