Pod: Brian Flacks, Paul Splitt on Waterpolo in the Time of Covid


Covid has had profound effects on water polo as it is practiced throughout the United States. This conversation is hopefully the first of several in which we discuss exactly how the pandemic has altered high school and club programs in a variety of states and localities.

Brian Flacks is a now well-known name in the industry having coached at Harvard-Westlake in Los Angeles for nearly a decade, in addition to founding on of the nation’s most successful clubs, LA Premier.

Paul Splitt is a multiple-time state high school championship coach who currently heads up the program at St. Xavier High School in Cincinnatti, Ohio. He is also a founding member of Moose Water Polo (best club name in the US?), and leads the Youth boys ODP team for the Great Lakes Zone.

In a frank discussion of how the pandemic has hit their programs we talk about the vast differences between Ohio and Southern California, and delve in to observations of how demoralizing it is for athletes to be limited by the various restrictions in place.

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