Pod: Westcliff’s Preslav Djippov, Aussie Anteater Nioka Thomas with Olympian Father Nathan


We’ve threatened to do it for too long. Now it’s here.

It’s the first of hopefully many Total Waterpolo Podcasts. Today we feature two conversations.

First, Total Waterpolo contributor Michael Randazzo speaks with Nioka and Nathan Thomas from Australia. Nioka will be the first non-American on the Anteater women’s water polo squad. And her dad, two-time Olympian Nathan, joins the Zoom call to share his thoughts about his daughter’s future in the States, his career with Barcelona as a professional, and his time atop the Australian water polo pipeline.

Then, Preslav Djippov, who was recently hired to lead the new men’s program at Westcliff University in Irvine, talks with James Smith about his Bulgarian background, making it to the USA, and of course, his job at the newest varsity water polo program in the nation.

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