UCLA Polo Pair Featured for Documenting Food Pursuit


“Hell Week,” two-a-days, dawn patrol, whatever term you want to use, it’ll soon be time for the women to get ready for the college season. Many are already undergoing morning practices before things get really serious.

And who’s to judge how an individual players sees fit to prepare for the grind that is NCAA water polo? Some might put in film work, or climb hills. Two UCLA athletes have struck out on a different path, one that will be far more palatable to most of us.

A daily consumption of classes at UCLA mixed with early-morning practices can be easy sources of stress for women’s water polo players Aubrie Monahan and Kelsey O’Brien.

But whenever they feel overwhelmed, the seniors rely on a recipe that they’ve kept near and dear to their hearts, or in this case, their stomachs.

Aubrie Monahan and Kelsey O’Brien combat their stress by seeking one of Los Angeles’ copious eating establishments and offering indirect ratings of the food by means of their nearly indecent Instagram account. See for yourself:

Chocolate, Butterfinger, & Raspberry Milkshake : Le Mervetty : Beverly Hills

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No avocado toast, smoothies, or melon platters on this account thank you.

The Bruins begin their season with the exhibition LouStrong Tournament in Saratoga on January 14.