HIGHLIGHTS: USC Ends UCLA’s Historic 57-game Win Streak

UCLA’s historic 57-game win streak ended in a tense end-of-season loss to USC featured on the Pac-12 Network on Saturday. USC overcame an early brutality foul against Mihajlo Milicevic to tie the game in the fourth quarter. Blake Edwards scored off a deflection with less than a minute remaining in the match to take an 8-7 lead that held until the final whistle.

The Bruins set the all-time college streak with their 52nd, against UC Davis on Oct. 11. Six of those 57 wins have come against USC. Losing wouldn’t end their world, but it would move the seismograph.

Both UCLA and USC have now lost a single game this season. The 20-1 Trojans now stand atop the MPSF table and will be the top seed for the upcoming conference tournament.