COLUMNIST: Why Michael Phelps is NOT greatest athlete ever [and Props to Water Polo]

In the course of detailing all the ways 23-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps does not measure up to being the greatest athlete ever, Detroit columnist Jamie Samuelsen reveals the truth for all to see in Michigan and beyond:

…water polo players and rugby players may be the finest athletes on the planet in terms of strength, stamina, conditioning and hand-eye coordination

It’s in print so it has to be true despite that pesky qualifier: “may be.”

In case you wondered why Phelps ain’t the greatest athlete according to Samuelsen:

[t]his all boils down to one thing — hand/eye coordination. I refuse to believe that the greatest athlete of all time participates in a sport that is all about strength and conditioning and has little to do with intelligence, instinct and split-second reactions.

We’re smitten by this rising star, Samuelsen, and his keen observations.

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