Six Reasons Water Polo Most Boring Olympic Sport to Watch |


Water polo fans, you have it all wrong. You thought you picked yourself one of the coolest, fastest, wettest sports around – fun to play, exciting to watch, an Olympic fixture, all that stuff.

You’d be wrong, and there are a grand total of six reasons why.

So says the Irish publication Breaking News, who calls the sport “a bit rubbish” for spectators.

It may take up two whole weeks of the Rio 2016 timetable, but here’s why we won’t be spending much time watching the water polo.

So get out your scratch pad, jot down just a few gems from the Emerald Isle of grousing and you’ll soon switch your allegiance to roller derby:

  • All contact is consider a foul: “No kicking, punching, shoving or even splashing each other on purpose is allowed.”
  • Swimming pools are disgusting: “…have you ever tried sitting fully dressed in a swimming pool audience? Unless you really love the smell of chlorine, you’re generally in for a hot, humid and bleachy hour.”
  • The players are unrecognizable: “You can tell the teams by the colours, but the hats, goggles and any other swimming pool facial accessories essentially obscure any identifying features of the individual players.”

Read on for more of this outrageous harangue, this assault on our beloved…

Actually, they make some pretty decent points.

All the more reason to love the sport, in our opinion. What do you think?