Dr. Phillips Standout Ian Supra Succumbs to Cancer

Ian Supra, Dr. Phillips HS

Florida prep water polo standout Ian Supra has died after an intense and public struggle against esophageal cancer. He was 20 years old.

The former Dr. Phillips star received the surprise diagnosis of stage 4 esophageal cancer during the 2013 Christmas break. Given an 20 percent chance of survival the young athlete received nation-wide attention with the social media hashtag “SupraStrong” gaining traction throughout the US water polo community and beyond.

His death was announced by his mother via Twitter early Tuesday morning. Hundreds of tributes and condolences have been shared via social media.

A video tribute and more from Orlando Sentinel reporter George Diaz who has covered the story in depth.

…In the end, he would spent his last days with the curtains drawn, in darkness, weak, sensitive and withering away.

Ian Supra finally saw the light again early Tuesday morning.

He died fighting to the very end. Just a few days ago, he sat up in his downstairs bed, asked for water, and tried to get up. His body was too weak to accommodate.

Source: Ian Supra: A super hero dies after cancer fight