Introducing New Events Page Featuring Live Streams

Bellarmine Serra 2015 Ustream screen capture

We’ve reorganized the way to find Live Streams and other important events on Total Waterpolo.

Introducing our new Events page. It contains links to streamed water polo contests located around the globe, one of our most popular features, and detailed information on big championships and other important water polo events.

TWp The Event Calendar Screen Capture

The Streams page and its archives still remain but will be consolidated over time.

Check out some of the new features that make finding events on Total Waterpolo faster and easier.

  • Items are viewable in a calendar grid, a list, or day by day, each of which is searchable. Calendar may be best for desktop browsers while lists and day by day views help the mobile viewer.
  • Events are also organized by categories and tags just as TWp’s posts are. Want to see nothing but upcoming prep girls events? You can by simply following the link to that tag, like this:
  • Each event offers detailed information about dates, times, and even Google Map locations when appropriate.

Are we missing any? Let us know. Help us continue to be the best source for streaming and live event info on water polo in the US.