Boston Says ‘Nope’ to the 2024 Games – WSJ

Blodgett Pool Harvard University

Harvard University will not host Olympic water polo in 2024.

Boston 2024 withdrew its bid for the games on Monday after their efforts were met with lukewarm enthusiasm by the region’s residents. The bid’s documents originally indicated that water polo would be played at Harvard University though it was unclear whether it would take place at the school’s Blodgett Pool whose permanent seating capacity is 1,200 according to the athletics web site. The water polo arena at the 2012 London Olympics held 5,000 spectators.

Los Angeles is now expected to replace Boston a the city proposed by the USOC to host the 2024 games. Mayor Eric Garcetti quickly responded to Boston’s withdrawal by saying that Los Angeles was “the ideal Olympic city.”

Los Angeles hosted the Olympic Games in 1984. Pepperdine University played host to the water polo competition in which Yugoslavia earned a gold medal ahead of the USA and West Germany.

More from the Wall Street Journal’s Jason Gay:


There won’t be an Olympics in 2024 to worry about anymore in Boston. Those rings—and the bill—now go to somebody else.

Boston didn’t want the Summer Olympics. OK, that is not totally accurate: Some Bostonians were excited for the city to host the Summer Games in 2024, just not enough of them to, you know, give the idea popular momentum. Boston never became gripped with Olympic fever, not even close. It mostly acted like the Olympics were a two-week canoe trip with their in-laws that they would get stuck paying for.

Source: Boston Says ‘Nope’ to the 2024 Games – WSJ