WATCH: Michigan Captain Reveals Mental Health Struggles

“I thought college was going to be really awesome, all the time.”

Elizabeth Williams, a captain on Michigan’s varsity water polo squad in 2015, is featured in an intimate examination of the student-athlete experience. The Carlsbad, CA native is highlighted in “Critical Years: Just Breathe,” a video produced by the Mental Health Channel in which she lays bare the complex truth about collegiate life, including a traumatic rupture of the bonds that connect varsity teammates.

As an underclassman Beth struggled with mental health challenges while balancing school and competitive sports. She has since emerged stronger than ever, as the admired captain of the women’s water polo team.

Hers is a cautionary story about how life on campus and separated from home doesn’t meet what are often outsized expectations. Williams’ recovery also provides the valuable service of highlighting the role of on-campus mental health services, one of the unsung and most underutilized features of the American collegiate experience.

Source: Critical Years: Just Breathe