Hancock College to Debut Women’s Water Polo

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Allan Hancock College, a community college 60 miles north of Santa Barbara, has announced the addition of a women’s water polo to its athletic programming. The team will begin competing this fall in the Western States Conference of California’s robust junior college athletics environment. The school serves an area of growth in youth water polo between Lompoc and Arroyo Grande in North Santa Barbara County which has produced several national team athletes.

Two years after launching a women’s swimming program, Allan Hancock College has announced plans to launch a women’s water polo team. The announcement will allow women’s water polo players in the Santa Maria Valley to take their game to next level close to home. The program will begin official practices on August 15 to compete during the 2015 season, which starts in September.

“There has been a significant interest from our students, as well as a demonstrated interest from members of the community to start a water polo program for a long time,” said Kim Ensing, associate dean of kinesiology, recreation and athletics. “The announcement represents the next step in expanding our aquatics program and maintaining compliance with Title IX.”

Source: Making a Splash: Hancock to Debut Women’s Water Polo for Fall 2015 Season – Allan Hancock College Athletics