Texas' UIL Passes on Prep Water Polo – For Now


High school water polo remains in limbo in the Lone Star state after the UIL quickly passed on a proposal to add the sport to those sanctioned by the organization. The University Interscholastic League oversees sports at Texas’ public high schools.

The Dallas Morning News’ Corbett Smith tweeted that the body would “continue to monitor” water polo presumably as it continues to draw new athletes and broaden its geographic footprint. An estimated 150 programs participated in 2015 under TISCA, the state’s swim coaches association, with more slated to join in 2016.

The UIL Legislative Council will next meet in Round Rock on October 18-19.

The UIL hasn’t added a new sport since 1999, when wrestling came on board.

The league’s Legislative Council wasn’t in a groundbreaking mood during its biannual meetings, held Tuesday and Wednesday in Round Rock.

Proposals to add new sports – archery, powerlifting, rugby and water polo – and an addition to the track and field schedule (javelin) were heard by the council’s standing committees on athletics and policy, but didn’t gain any traction. In fact, none of the four proposals for new sports received anything but a cursory glance by the policy committee – which is the first line for adding new activities…

Source: UIL’s Legislative Council balks at adding new activities; executive director warns that push for lacrosse looms on horizon | | Dallas Morning News

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  1. Jeremy

    My brother coaches water polo at a Texas HS and gave very good reasons to make it UIL and the main reason would be the stripped down state tournament which would be like basketball, baseball, etc… with a very small tournament and areas requiring representation.

  2. Jim

    We are seeing our Texas High School athletes being able to make college rosters in the current format. Can you imagine the boost in these numbers if the sport was actually sanctioned by the state? The schools/cities are building natatoriums. What better use of these facilities than school athletics with swimming in fall and water polo in spring?

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