Super Bowl Defender Takes Jab at Water Polo


Updated: Browner Tweets Apology

Lost in the endless pre-game yammering that has preceded America’s great chili cookout known as the Super Bowl® (take the Seahawks) was a glancing blow to our beloved sport by New England Patriots defensive back Brandon Browner.

Quoted earlier in the week as favoring the (kinda) intentional aggravation of opposing defender Richard Sherman’s injury he later attempted a very NFL-like back track. By that we mean an ineffective one, and one that now raises the ire of his bountiful water polo-connected fans. You can kiss that lucrative Zumo endorsement good bye, Browner.

His hurtful comments according to WEEI:

Browner clarified on Thursday that was not his intent to turn into a huge thing, and Sherman as well as his other former Seahawk teammates would not take offense to the comment.

“[I didn’€™t expect it to] blow up the way it did, but at the end of the day I don’€™t regret anything I said because those guys know where I am coming from,” Browner said. “It is about winning the championship. We play a violent game. We play football. It is not like we play water polo or swimming or anything like that. It is a physical game and we want to be as physical with those guys as we can.”

Water polo OR swimming…?

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  1. Frosty

    Richard Sherman wouldn’t last 5 minutes playing in a top notch HIGH SCHOOL game. I was going to say college but that would be a joke.

    A good college water polo player would last longer in a professional football game than Sherman would last in a college level game. And Sherman would probably leave the game injured anyway.

  2. MJ

    The quote was by Browner. He probably hasn’t seen a waterpolo game. He’s from Pacoima (outside LA) and went to Oregon State (which doesn’t have varsity waterpolo).

    Richard Sherman went to Stanford, and most certainly has seen a waterpolo game…the football practice fields are right next to the aquatic complex.

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