LIVE STREAM: CA Powers Bellarmine & Sacred Heart Prep Face Off Wednesday

Bellarmine v. Sacred Heart

An important match between two California powers and local rivals will be streamed live on Wednesday. Bellarmine College Prep and Sacred Heart Prep lie within 20 miles of one another in the Silicon Valley/Peninsula area south of San Francisco. The two schools compete for local talent, most of whom are groomed at one of the many fine clubs in the area. Stanford is the inarguably the most prominent of them, though, and both of tonight’s featured coaches, the Gators’ Brian Kreutzkamp and Collin Mello of the Bells, have risen through the club’s ranks.

6:30 Pacific time on Wednesday, Sept. 17 the tilt kicks off. Set aside some time to see some of the finest American interscholastic water polo there is. Check it all out on TWp’s Live Streams.