Newly Hired Ryan Wynn Resigned Notre Dame Post in Spring


Ryan Wynn, presented as Notre Dame College’s new men’s and women’s water polo coach in February, stepped down from that post within months of accepting it according to a school official.

On Tuesday the CWPA reported that Notre Dame would abandon its 2014 men’s season. Regarding Wynn’s status with the team, Falcons Sports Information Director Andy Barch wrote in an email to TWp, “Ryan Wynn stepped down as the coach back in the spring.” Barch had no further information regarding the long term fate of either the men’s or women’s program.

No mention of Wynn’s resignation appeared on the Notre Dame Falcons news feed in the spring. The current coaching staff as displayed on the site remains unfilled. Notre Dame became Ohio’s first varsity intercollegiate program in 2010 and began CWPA competition in 2011.

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