Experimental Rules Yield More Action, Fewer Whistles – 2013 Komjadi Cup, Hungary

The Komjadi Cup in Hungary last year took an experimental turn and has generated some interesting results after over 30 complete matches. The main experiment? All fouls, “ordinary” or “major,” were penalized by excluding the offending player. Then, the excluded player was allowed to re-enter play immediately upon reaching the penalty area.

The early results showed a substantial increase in the amount of front-court action, fewer referee whistles, cleaner defense, and quicker man-up advantages.

Maybe a portend of water polo in the future, watch the video to see these interesting rules changes in action.

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  1. Geoffrey Schott

    The kickout idea is great but this makes defense uninteresting and it just looks like they have 7 goalies. Good for them for trying this out though.

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