Udovicic Praises US Team’s “Potential,” New Officiating Methods, After Loss to Hungary

USA Men’s National Team Coach Dejan Udovicic says his team can be competitive with “everyone” in 18 months to two years. That in a Hungarian TV interview after his young team fell to their top-ranked hosts 12-6 on Wednesday.

Alex Bowen scored twice in the loss in which 16-yr-old Connecticut native Thomas Dunstan tallied his first senior team goal.

Udovicic lauded the game’s refereeing experiment in which the officials communicated between one another electronically, and announced selected decisions directly to the audience.

The USA is in Szolnok participating in the Volvo Cup, a four-team invitational tournament featuring the host team Hungary, Serbia, and Germany.

Videos of the match’s goals can be found at the Hungarian website vlv.hu.