So Long California, We’re Headed to Texas


Farewell California Bay Area, hello Central Texas: this week Total Waterpolo is moving to Austin.

For nearly a decade we’ve been situated in one of the premier centers of American water polo, a bike ride from Stanford University and nearly as close to some of the finest prep water polo programs in the nation. In the course of covering the sport during that time, and after modestly revitalizing the site in 2008, we’ve been fortunate to become acquainted with many who are central to the dynamism and success of water polo in Northern California and beyond. To all who have been such important contributors to the steady growth of Total Waterpolo we say thank you. You are many and we will always be grateful for your eagerness to share your knowledge of and information about the sport (and we look forward to continuing to lean on you).

Three years ago at Sacred Heart’s North-South Challenge, our favorite boys’ prep tournament of the fall, we became acquainted with a big Ukrainian and his Italian (Sicilian!) comrade, two well-known local coaches with over a decade each of professional playing experience in Italy. Three years later they are among our closest friends and have been indispensable teachers of the game. No one has educated us more in such detail, so quickly, about water polo than these two men. Giovanni Napolitano and Sasha Poltunitskiy, thank you friends. We’ll see you at NCAA Championships if not before.

For those reasons our departure is melancholy, but the destination makes it much sweeter. Water polo in the Lone Star State is on the rise with renewed momentum in Austin and Central Texas. And those we’ve met from throughout the state have been gracious and helpful with coverage of their sport, from Dallas to Houston and in between. That in itself is exciting.

Its centralized location makes travel to Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Utah, and other states we have yet to visit, much easier. Of course California will remain on our reporting agenda. Coverage of the interscholastic game will continue and grow.

There are changes coming to the site also. They’ve been slow to arrive but work is under way. Total Waterpolo gear is on the way too. It’s all due to our readers and fans. Thanks to you all.

Here’s to new beginnings.

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  1. Anonymous

    Welcome to Texas. I look forward to seeing you guys in our state. Water Polo is on the rise and hopefully someday soon we can have recognized high school and NCAA div. I, II and III programs take over. We hope your media attention will help drive that.

    Jim Hummingbird
    Rockwall Water Polo Club

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