Abandoned Season Leads to Independent Status for SIU Women in 2014

SALEM, WV – Salem International University (SIU) has clarified the situation surrounding the forfeiture of last five games of last spring’s women’s season.

Athletic Director Keith Bullion called the decision to abandon the season “unfortunate,” attributing it to “the lack of consistent players due to eligibility, injury and individual player issues.” The CWPA was involved in the decision and the Commissioner agreed it was “the best course of action.”

The cancellation of the 2013 women’s season was publicized on VMIKeydets.com after the Tigers forfeited their April match scheduled to be played in Lexington. It was the second match of the season scheduled for the two teams that was forfeited.

SIU Head Coach Robert Bullion (son of Keith) has since augmented the roster with new athletes and the school has committed to sponsoring a women’s squad in the spring of 2014, according to the elder Bullion. Because of league rules, SIU will compete independently and will not be eligible in 2014 for the CWPA post season.

The SIU women will again host and stream the SIU Invitational Tournament in February 2014.

The men’s program, which ended 2012 with a 1-14 record, is in good health according to Bullion.