Cleveland High School, Tennessee’s First HS Water Polo Team


Tennessee’s first high school water polo season is about to begin. The boys from Cleveland High School memorialized their first season with a quick photo.

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  1. Anonymous

    Cleveland water polo makes up for their comolete lack of fundamental skill with incredibly violent, dangerous retaliation and personal attacks.
    If you want to play against this team. You need a background in boxing, football, and wrestling.

    Long story short, don’t schedule this team unless you want to play a team with a complete disregard for usawp and Fina rules. Your players Will get hurt, and it will be on purpose. (Like blatant punches to the face)

    Potential new players, do yourself a favor and learn from a program that discourages using vicious illegal violence to make up for por game skills. Literally any other team.

    Thank you for reading. This team will ruin your water polo experience.

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